Yup. I’m the Office Nerd

In the spirit of Christmas I share this slightly embarrassing but simultaneously proud moment of my life with you.  It may startle some of you to learn that I am the Office Nerd.  Every office has one.  It’s the guy who takes things to the extreme.  Whenever someone has important news to share I’m the guy everyone jokes will have a PowerPoint slide about it, complete with animations, sound effects and a Family Feud style review game at the end.  I’m the guy who comes up with tips for how to use Microsoft Office to its fullest potential and emails them using subject lines from “The Hamster Revolution.”  It was no different when my boss announced a department-wide competition to create a Christmas tree ornament out of only office supplies for our office Christmas tree.

To help spread a little Christmas cheer, here’s what you’ll need to create your own office supply angel tree topper:

Half of a yellow manilla folder for the body

One sheet of white printer paper for the robe

Two government issued red pens (without caps) for arms

One dried up dry erase marker (without cap) for the candle

Red, orange and yellow highlighters to create the candle flame

One rubber band, cut in half, and tied around the waist as a rope belt

One binder clip to hold the body together, and also to stick the smiley face stress ball on

The metal strip out of a wooden ruler (yup. I ripped it out) to create a shiny golden halo

Two paper clips (bent into a curve) to form the structure for the wings

Pale yellow post it notes folded intricately around the paper clips for the wings

White out, brushed onto the post it note wings to create a feathery effect

Scotch and masking tape, strategically placed, to hold it all together.

Yes, I admit it.  I am the office nerd.  The bad part is, I’m not even sure if there is a prize…but if there is, I hope it’s a new stapler!




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    1. I’d love to see the finished product of your office supply ornament! And thanks for the mention, I wondered if you were ever going to use that post idea. It’s really a great picture that tells a funny story.


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