Favorite Photos of the Night

We had two Christmas celebrations this weekend, and I have been experimenting with my Digital SLR ever since this post by Tiffany on how to take {pretty} pictures of your Christmas tree. Here’s my weekend recap with photos.

The first party was at our house. The tree was up, stockings hung and wood logs burning in the fireplace.

I’m learning how to use my camera’s manual mode, only problem is the highest ISO I can choose is 1600 and the lowest F-stop i can get is 3.5. in order to get the right exposure i have to set my shutter speed too slow and I get a lot of camera shake. I used a tripod for a lot of the pictures at our first party.

By the end of the night, it was way past the kids’ bedtime, here Ella is exhausted but she is enjoying all of her Mario stuff!

I also got lots of pictures of Pax, but I try not to post photos of other people’s kids here and unfortunately there were lots of pictures of him with other people so I’ll have to just show you some from our second Christmas celebration.

The next day it finally snowed and Ella wanted to build a snowman, sled, and throw snowballs while Erica and I just wanted her to get in the car so we wouldn’t be late for dinner with her family. Pax is terrified of the snow, I can’t wait to get a good picture of him in it. When we were walking down the driveway to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, there was the tiniest speck of snow in front of the sidewalk, so he stopped dead in his tracks and said, “Help me!”

Pax is always on the move. Erica and I joke because it seems like we can never get a picture of his face. Poor guy. This is the best panning shot I got of him all night, and it was pure luck.

The only time I can get a shot of his face is when is he playing with his trains.

Then Ella came along and took the train from Pax. Thankfully I had documented who had it first with my pictures, so I was able to prove to her that he was playing with it before her.

I have a better picture of this, but again I’ve got people’s faces in the background. Pax is doing his sister’s ballet moves and everyone is cracking up!

I didn’t want to be the camera geek at this party so I left the tripod at home and a lot of my pictures had motion blur. Sometimes this is a cool effect, but after a while it gets kind of annoying to me.

And this photo I had to fix in Picasa by increasing the fill light. Kinda stinks because that made it a little grainy.

My wife made awesome treats for the kids that she found on Pinterest!

Merry Christmas!


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