Christmas is Over (So Take Down Your Leg Lamp)

It’s officially 12:33 am on the day after Christmas.  Time to haul all of those garbage bags of wrapping paper outside and get your life back.  But be careful how you do it.  I learned my lesson last year when we mistakenly took down our Christmas tree without warning during my kids’ afternoon nap time, the result was highly traumatic and we had to resuscitate Christmas and keep it on life support until everyone in my family was ready to move on.  Which was sometime in March, I think.

I for one am glad it’s over.  Don’t get me wrong I love what this time of year stands for.  Not the gifts or even the getting together, but the time leading up to Christmas is almost more important than Christmas day to me.  We spend the whole month of December teaching our kids about why we celebrate Christmas, who Jesus was, and what his birth means for us today.  Christmas day on the other hand is usually filled with presents and greed.  I’m no Scrooge, I just know what happens when you are trying to have a serious conversation with a four and a two year old while they stand with jaws dropped in front of a pile of shiny wrapped boxes.

And if it isn’t those fake expressions of joy, like, “Oh! Look at that! Wow!” or worse, reactions that have to be solicited with the dreaded question, “Do you like it?” (ahem, note to my readers about my gift to you, over 25 of you clicked on it, but no one said if they liked it and now I am almost forced to ask whether you really liked it or not, guaranteeing that whatever you say about it now will be forced…)  then it is all the overeating on cookies and cheesecakes (yes, cakes. plural.)  that I’m glad is now behind me.  We bought cans of pop for some Christmas party and I think I’ve had about seven today alone.  And I’ve probably eaten over a dozen cookies between the hours of ten and twelve tonight, too.

Yes I’m glad it’s over.  Now we can all move on, make room for the new toys and new pounds gained and look forward to the new year.  Take down the Christmas tree and lay the leg lamp carefully back in its box until next year while we evaluate our own legs and begin to contemplate how we can do better tomorrow.

[Interesting fact, the Christmas story house is located right in my backyard]

Here’s some photos of our Christmas morning!  Hope yours was swell!


4 Replies to “Christmas is Over (So Take Down Your Leg Lamp)”

  1. I wanted to take down the tree this weekend, but Mrs. LIAYF wants to wait another week. Much too long for me, but I don’t complain for her sake. Looks like you had a great Christmas.


  2. Hey Lee, I was happy to move past Christmas too. We had a good celebration this year, much less of everything than in previous years. We did some things differently and tried as much as we could to focus on Jesus’ birth.

    I’m looking forward to 2012 and watching our daughter grow. Good luck with your adoption this year. I hope you and Erica have a great 2012!


    1. Happy New Year Pete! We bought a nativity playset which was great getting the kids to think about Jesus all December. I’m glad to hear things are going well, and thanks for the prayers for our adoption. Fingers crossed for 2012!


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