Saturday Trains

I spent Saturday morning on the floor.

Erica and Ella were out together which left just us boys at home.  My two year and five month old boy played quietly in the living room while I relaxed at the dining room table with my coffee and the day’s news.  I couldn’t see him around the corner, but I heard the gentle rattle of his trains and the rhythmic clickety-clack they made as he rolled them back and forth across the wood floor.  He was so quiet, I almost felt guilty, like he was all alone and bored, but I knew that was just the way he liked to be.  He spends hours playing with his trains and I have hundreds of photos to prove it.

I got up and put my empty mug in the sink and walked into the living room to watch him from the couch.  My little boy pointed to the floor next to him and said, “Come ‘ere Daddy!”

I threw a pillow from the couch down next to him and propped my head in my hands.  I didn’t know what he wanted so I just sat and watched him play.  “Play trains” he said.  I nodded in agreement, ascenting to the fact that he was indeed playing with trains like he has done for nearly half his lifetime.  “Daddy! Play trains!” At this I began to grasp exactly what he was saying.  He wanted me to play trains with him.  This was momentous!  He had never asked me to play trains with him before!

He handed me Thomas and we scooted around the floor together. We raced each other into the kitchen and then spent the rest of the morning going round and round the rug in the middle of the room, crashing them together and playing follow the leader.  Only when the girls came home did our fun come to an end.

Since then we’ve played trains together almost every night.  It was a Saturday that marked a very distinct change in the way my son related to me.  Now he’s always asking to play with me and saying “Come ‘ere! Show you shometing” and involving me in his imaginative play.  I love this new way we can bond and I think the older he gets the closer we become as father and son!