Books for Bedtime: Joy Berry Book Review

I’ve been looking for some good books for my kids that help to teach them important values and behaviors.  We read the Children’s Bible after dinner and use the take-home helpers from our kid’s Sunday School class, but if you’re like me and take the responsibility to teach your kids right from wrong very seriously you may be feeling like there just isn’t anything to help parents explain things like this to preschool or toddler aged children very well.

Then I heard about a series called “Help Me Be Good” by Joy Berry.  My brother gave them to me.  He had read them to his kids, and now that they are older he thought my kids would like them.  Boy do they ever!  I usually read a book or two at night, and the first night I laid down with Ella and read her the one titled “Interrupting” she asked if she could keep it in her bed with her and look at it until she fell asleep.

Now she requests them every night.

We’ve also been able to talk about them throughout the day.  They help explain these ideas in ways that a four year old can understand.  When Ella comes busting into the kitchen asking to put together a puzzle or play a game while Erica and I are sitting at the table talking, we’re able to point out that she’s interrupting and I can tell that she is becoming aware of this now.

One evening before bed we were putting toys away.  Erica and I usually stand in the middle of the room and point out different types of toys and ask them to pick them up and tell them where they should go.  Yeah, it would probably be faster if we just picked everything up, but I want my kids to learn that if they make a mess they should clean it up. Ella picked up a Pax’ Thomas the Tank Engine Telephone and instead of putting it away she started pressing the buttons and listening to the different trains talk to her.

Me: “Ella, it’s time to put that away.  It’s not time to play.”

Ella: “I was dad, but I’m talking on the phone.  You were interrUPTing.” (emphasis on the -UPT)

…So I know these books have helped her understand interrupting!  We’ve also read “Being Selfish” several times and have had some great discussions come out of that one as well.  There’s a whole list of topics like:

Being Careless

Being Rude



Breaking Promises



Being Messy

and tons more…

I snuck in her room tonight to turn off her music and found she had gotten up and brought the whole stack back into bed with her.  I don’t usually do a whole lot of reviews or plugging other people’s stuff on this blog, but I have loved these books so much I just can’t help but share!  Check them out here and say “Hi” to @JoyBerryBooks too if you liked this post!


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    1. or maybe when I’m done I’ll mail them to you and we can just start a circuit to other dads. last night we read Disobeying and it gave me a chance to explain what it means as well as praise her for certain instances when she does a good job of obeying. If you get them, I’d be interested to hear how your kids react to them.


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