My Three Valentines

I was inspired by the book “Fancy Nancy” to make a card for each of my kids this Valentine’s Day.  I realized how important it is for daughters and sons to hear from their dad just how much they are loved.  I’m hoping that Ella is old enough for this to make a lasting impression, and that Pax will like his Thomas themed card, but I’m not getting my hopes up that the reaction will be anything amazing.  Instead, I’m hoping that by doing things like this on a regular basis my kids will grow up feeling loved.  Here’s what I made (feel free to steal any ideas if you like them).

To Ella:

Front of card: I love you more…

Inside: than flowers or rainbows,

more than chocolates

or mac and cheese,

more than playing games

or princesses,

even more than shells

from by the sea.

I love you more than

bubbles, or glitter,

or dancing in ballet.

I love you more than anything

and I love you more each day!

To Pax: (I’m not completely finished making his card yet but here’s what it’s going to say)

Front of card: Guess How Much I Love You?

Inside: From one end of Sodor to the other!

and it will have all kinds of pop-ups and trains from Thomas all over it.  Just hope he doesn’t realize one of his Thomas advertisements is curiously missing, or see any Toby’s cut up in pieces in the trash…

To my wife:  We’re kind of broke so we talked about the money situation this week and decided not to get each other anything for Valentine’s Day this year.  I did end up ‘getting’ my wife flowers though.  [Funny story]  It snowed here the other day and I started up my snowblower for the first time this year (injuring my elbow I might add) and was having so much fun I decided to do my neighbor’s driveway, too.  Turns out my neighbor was so appreciative that she bought us a bouquet of flowers.  I told my wife they were from me (hey, I worked for them after all) but she knew the story behind it and we had a good laugh!

Have fun making those valentines’ day cards! (as much fun as these two!)


3 Replies to “My Three Valentines”

  1. Awesome! I think it was great that you had your kids making cards and I think that’s really the point behind it all. Your kids will treasure those cards more than any mass produced gift that was ever sold. I like the poem you wrote for your daughter.


  2. Great stuff! Nothing like some pix of a happy family together and another dad bragging them up to start my day right.
    It is a great way to help us (as dads) remember that these little things, whether the kids remember the exact moment in years to come or not, go into that bucket they will have for the rest of their lives. There will be days in the future that they reach back into it to get through a hard day and not know why but will perhaps think, “what would my dad do…”
    All the best!


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