All By Myself

He sits on the step by the door with a smug smile, one boot dangling at the end of his foot and fuzzy pink ear-muffs slightly covering his face, ready to tackle the snow covered world in his pajamas with no regard for his warmth or well being.

It’s part of watching them grow, seeing them try to do things all by themselves.

Even while observing them stretch their legs of independence, it’s comforting to know they can’t do everything themselves just yet.  Once outside and left to their own devices, they can only slowly bring to destruction the igloo I built for them out of snow, poking at it with their plastic garden tools and shovels.

They are not advanced enough to construct things like this.  No, only their nerdy dad could conceive of and execute building a Thomas the Tank Engine out of snow.  Even now as a grown man I’m proud of the things I’ve learned to do all by myself! My only regret is that I built it in the back yard…


5 Replies to “All By Myself”

  1. Ah yes, but the backyard is quite a bit of everything to the kids isn’t it? A place where adventure can be found (and the occasional Thomas or friends) before it changes into something else, something new to explore (or destroy) and enjoy.
    Making memories and adventures, things that the kids may remember as they grow.
    For the record one of the first things I actually remember is my dad holding out a snowball to me when I was really small. I remember not wanting to take it but not knowing why. Mostly I remember my dad being young and that outside was cold.
    Memory is a funny thing…
    btw, I think my enginerd brother made one of these in his back yard as well (my sister-in-laws description) for his boys.
    Thanks for all the good articles. I do enjoy when a new one pops up in my RSS reader.


    1. Hey, thanks for being a regular subscriber! I do wonder what my kids will remember about all these moments that I write about. That’ll be interesting when they get older. We used to build leaf forts with my dad in the backyard every fall, you’re right, almost nothing is more mysteriously adventurous than your own backyard sometimes!


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