A Magical Jelly Bean Garden

Over the Easter weekend your kids may have received enormous amounts of sugary substances which you may not want them to eat.  Even after exercising our parental right – first dibs on any candy collected from Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or Easter – we may still be left with unwanted sweets.  You can easily turn this dilemma into a magical moment (for your preschool aged children) by planting a Jelly Bean Garden. Props to my wife for this great idea!

Start with a variety of colorful jelly beans as seeds

Let them help you rake the dirt

Dig the holes

 Of course, there may be a casualty

or two…
Plant the seeds and pat it down

Water excessively (my kids favorite part)

And wait a day, or two, before the big reveal!

Turns out it was slightly less than magical for Pax (can you tell by the look on his face?)  I don’t think he remembers putting the jelly beans in the ground, so to him it was like, “Hey, what are these suckers doing on the ground?” At least my daughter thought it was kind of cool.

I suppose you could use little chocolate eggs that turn into bigger eggs or hatch giant chocolate bunnies, but I ate all those up before the kids could see them…


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  1. Turns out my two-year-old is an Easter egg hunting rock star and ended up with WAY more goodies than he needs. Thanks for the brilliant idea!


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