Dandelion Necklace

When I was a boy, my brothers and I got into mudball fights for fun. [Disclaimer: I do not recommend anyone reading this have a mudball fight, since they start to harden after a while and you usually don’t notice when this happens until after throwing them] We built leaf forts, snow forts, and played army in the woods.  I think a log fight even broke out once [Disclaimer #2: Log fights are even more dangerous than mudball fights and may result in serious bodily harm, especially should anyone actually get hit by a log…]

That’s why I was really amazed at the necklace Erica made for Ella.  I had never seen one before in all my life.

How was it made?  I had to ask.

So while this is just part of Erica’s childhood (“Did you invent this?” I asked her.) it was really amazing to me.  I’m very glad she can pass on something as simple as a dandelion necklace to her daughter, and one day maybe Ella will make one for her kids.

I really rely on Erica for a lot of the creative stuff we do as a family.  She loves to make the everyday stuff fun.

Sprinkles in waffles spice up any morning.  And this Easter she had some really great ideas, like the Jelly Bean Garden, or Resurrection Rolls

(It was a little weird comparing Jesus to a marshmallow at first, but after you put him in the ‘tomb’ and pull them out of the oven to show that “he’s” not there, it was pretty neat)

Even just getting tips like this on how to successfully decorate Easter eggs without using that tiny egg holder that is impossible for anyone to balance an egg on.

And you wouldn’t believe how excited they were to have the same lunch they usually get, served in little plastic egg containers…

I’m in awe of what she does, day in and day out, as a stay at home mom.  I know she is passing on a love for life to our kids, teaching them to stop and celebrate the small things in life as well as the big things.  And I will hopefully pass on more than mudballs…


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  1. A good husband recognizes the things his wife does and praises her for it. Its not easy to be a stay at home mom, but with a husband like you supporting her, it sure makes the job easier. We are grateful to have a son-in-law thats so fabulous to our daughter and grandchildren. We love you


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