Punctuation Infatuation

We were reading a story one night, when she asked “What’s that?”  her finger squarely on a giant question mark.  This opened her eyes to the world of punctuation and from then on she was hooked.  Now at night, when we read stories together, she always asks, “Can we do punctuation tonight?” which means I read the words and she points to and names all the different types of punctuation she knows.

Her speech therapist was taken aback when Ella started naming them all at school.  Ella even noticed when Pax had three little dots of water on the back of his pants and exclaimed, “It looks like an ellipsis!”  to which I busted out laughing, it seems she is always thinking about punctuation now and seeing it everywhere.  It reminds me of when she was two and learning her shapes.  She would point them out everywhere.

She also knows apostrophe and semi colon, but I forgot to include those when we made the video.  It seems like I’m passing something on to my children after all!


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    1. She knows the apostrophe, I just forgot to draw it. Honestly, I had to do a google search for tilde, I didn’t know what it was. But that’s the fun of teaching your kids stuff, you are always having to be the student! ~Thanks for reading


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