Learning Lessons About Love

The very first bouquet of flowers I ever gave to my daughter was bought by my wife.

When I arrived home from work, they were laying on top of the dryer by the back door. My wife greeted me and said, “I saw these on sale and thought you could give them to Ella.” So I called her over and pulled them out from behind my back as her eyes got big and she asked what they were for? “Because I love you!” of course. They stood in a vase on our kitchen table for days, so she could look at them every time she ate. But I haven’t gotten her many flowers since.

I was thinking today of all the times we’ve played outside under the warm March sun. Among the tall grass and leaves that cover my backyard are those common and unsightly weeds, dandelions. To me, they just highlight the fact that my lawnmower is broken and remind me that I’m behind on yet another chore around the house. To my daughter they are beautiful and bring back the joy of that first bouquet of flowers she ever got.

How do I know this? Because there is rarely a time we’re outside when she doesn’t run up with one, picked especially for me, hand it to me and say something like, “Here’s a flower for you daddy. I got this for you because I love you!”

These treasures end up in my coat pocket, or after a few minutes of holding onto them while we walk around the block somehow slip into the back of the wagon, or worse, get discarded at the curb when little eyes aren’t looking.

It doesn’t need to be bought from the store. I don’t need to have a card. I don’t even need to get a bouquet of flowers. A weed, sometimes, will do.

Today, I will not see my kids much. Right after work I’ll be going to pick something up for the house, then I have a meeting as a deacon at my church. I will probably not be there at bedtime. I will probably be eating my dinner at night alone (well, my wife will be there, she just won’t be eating).

But today, I will stop and pick a flower for each to put by their bedside. Just because I love them, and am thankful they are teaching me more everyday how to love.


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    1. Mike, I’ve just started following your blog and adoption story! I look forward to keeping in contact as you go down that road. Thanks for the kind words, they remind me to do the same for my wife, too!


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