Say What You Mean

I sat, reclined on the couch, after a long day of work while the kids ate their dinner in the kitchen. Normally we eat together, but tonight when I got home Erica went to the gym leaving just me and the kids.  I was ravenous from teaching all day, but they weren’t hungry at all, so I ate first and then got their plates ready to just let them eat by themselves.  It felt good to lay down on the couch.  I was immediately comfortable.

Ella finished her dinner in record time and then walked into the living room to ask, “Daddy, could you get me some more Mac and Cheese?”

“You finished it already? Yep, I can get you more.” I replied.

She stood there and waited a few seconds to see if I would put the computer down before saying curiously, “Will you get it right now?”

“Yep, right now.  I’ll be right there.” I said, still glued to the screen with my feet up on the cushions.

To my shame, a few more moments passed and I still hadn’t moved.  Meanwhile the gears in her head were turning and I could hear it in her voice that she was struggling with something when she asked with the innocence of an angel, “Daddy, what does “right now” mean?”

I got up off the couch.