To My Wife

Erica, this past year I have been in awe at the kind of mother you are to our kids…

Where did that tissue come from? We are in the middle of the park? Mom. That’s where.
You throw the best dance parties
You deal with this attitude constantly when it comes to her hair
Yet, despite her resistance…you always make her look good!
From shorts to pants in one “easy” zip. You also tie shoes on request…Is his nose running, AGAIN?!?
Never one to pass up a Photo Op!
You know when to say, “Yes”

But you also know when to say, “No!”
You deal graciously with life’s little messes!

And big messes, too…Yes you do it all!
You are the director of fun!
But you’re not afraid to take a back seat and let other’s take the lead
You keep the kids on their toes
But it’s not all fun and games. When the time is right, you are also a great teacher
And a moral compass. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?”
You encourage our kids to develop their talents. And teach them along the way
Their safety is always number one on your mind [Candy Tester is a very important job]
You can spot a cold boy from a mile away
You handle all the urgent requests
You make every day fun
Yep, even laundry, too!
You comfort the sick
And you are an advocate for those who are less fortunate
You inspire
You give strength
You’re not afraid to put yourself out there

It can be hard to let them go
But I know who they’ll always look up to

{How do I know? Because you are everyone’s first choice on the Merry go Round}
I’m glad we’re in this together
They couldn’t ask for a better mom. You’re the best.
So before you leave this post… {Oh the things we do for our children!}

I just want you to know that I truly appreciate all that you do and I love you!  Happy Wife (who is a mother to our children)’s Day!