The $2,000 Wild Goose Chase

“Pax, what did you do with it?”

I had only left them on the end table for a few seconds to attend to Ella in the bathtub.  When I came back into the living room, one of her hearing aids was on the living room floor, and I wasn’t liking the answers I was getting about the other one.

“Where is it, Pax? Where did you put Ella’s other hearing aid?”

His first answer shocked me.

His two year old lips shaped every syllable “Maybe it’s in the re-frig-er-ator…

I was on my knees moving every food item I could from shelf to shelf.  Our freezer is on the bottom, which is right at his level.  “Please, no! He couldn’t have put it in here?!” I prayed.

I turned to him again, looking him in the eyes trying to get a read on what exactly was going on in that brain of his.  His second answer brought more clues.  His toddler lisp gave this description of its fate, “Maybe I threw it way up high?

He looks sweet and innocent, but his mind is devious!

This seemed more believable than the refrigerator, though I’ve found many toys stuck to bags of frozen vegetables before.  Ella was now out of the tub and fully aware of the situation. She started crying as I began my search from ceiling to floor.  Inside the light fixtures. Check. Top of the TV. Check. Mantle. Check. Top of the couch cushions. Check. Maybe behind the couches? This was getting ridiculous.

I turned to interrogate him once again.  “Where did you throw it way up high, Pax?”

Hm. I know. Maybe outside!”  Now I let out a little chuckle because it was almost for certain he was fibbing. Like the time he said that Grandpa stole his toy bus…But at this point Ella is crying and repeating over and over how special her hearing aids are and how expensive they are, not caring one bit about my reassurances that we will find them.

Finally, Ella stumbles across them in the toy closet.  Her relief is apparent though her face still looks like she wants to burst into tears. The nervous laughter helped to release the tension she was experiencing.  Apparently he had thrown them way up high, or at least across the room.

This was a lesson for Pax to NEVER touch Ella’s hearing aids again, and a lesson for me to NEVER set them down within his reach, either.  I don’t want to be driving all over town the next time one turns up missing chasing one of his crazy made up stories about how he must have left it at the zoo or something…


7 Replies to “The $2,000 Wild Goose Chase”

  1. the hearing aid case would be a good idea for storage if she’s not using them and if Pax ever gets his hands on it again, time to snap on the ear gears on Ella 🙂


    1. And I do usually use the hearing aid case at night. It sits right on our kitchen counter. I don’t know why I brought them into the living room, but I will NEVER do it again 🙂 Thanks for the comments, I always like to hear from anyone who is reading.


    1. I had a clue early on that he was lying to me which made me laugh! It was the sense of humor that helped my through it. I submit for evidence my recent post about my Disaster Weekend to show you how bad I fail…by the way, did you start a new blog, because I’m pretty sure I was subscribed to yours through Google reader, but I see a new one now with just a few posts?


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