Slam Dunk

I picked up my camera for the first time in a long time and started snapping pictures of my kids.  OK, I admit, Pax was wearing a sleeveless tank top and I had just the prop for him.  I had to jump up and capture this on film.  It will be evidence that he loved basketball from an early age when he gets his full ride sports scholarship to college.

Then Ella burst onto the scene and I struggled to fit her in the frame.

What’s going on? I wondered.  Why can’t I get a picture of her from her feet to her head?

You see, in my mind, I was picturing her like this:

It wasn’t until the images were staring back at me in the viewfinder that I realized she grew about two feet last night and I had missed it.

She is looking every bit the part of kindergartener and less like little girl Ella.



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