The Carnival

On Saturday we went to a carnival, our kids were there, but I really didn’t see them at all.  Well, “went to” isn’t exactly the best way to describe it.  We “ran” a carnival?  You see, our church has a Vacation Bible School every summer and Erica and I signed up to be the directors.  And every year, as sort of a kick off for the VBS week, our church also hosts a completely free community carnival.  This year we wanted it to be bigger and better than ever.  We had so many people from our church volunteer to help out, it was actually quite amazing to see so many people working together for one common cause, to reach our community for Christ.

This year’s carnival was amazing, we had several inflatables (bounce house, velcro wall, inflatable slide) a dunk tank with our pastors taking turns getting dunked, a gigantic cardboard box maze, carnival games, caricatures, face painting, balloon animals, crafts, free cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs, sno-cones, a puppet show, raffles, contests…my head is hurting just thinking about all the stuff that went into pulling this thing off. Friday night was set up night, and also our ten year wedding anniversary, which we spent setting up tables and chairs for seating areas.  In order for us to be able to set up Friday night, Grandma and Grandpa took the kids to their house for a sleepover.  Then on Saturday, they took turns with Papa watching the kids at the carnival, and watched them for a few hours afterward so Erica and I could be there to help clean everything up.

I told you we’ve been on the run a lot lately.  We came home Saturday evening and finally saw our kids.  But we were so exhausted that we had to send them upstairs for some quiet time, and we passed out on the couches.  When I came to around 6:00 pm, I found Pax sliding out of the rocking chair in his room overcome with exhaustion.  He must have been so worked up from all the fun.  He slept from 6:00 pm until 8:00 am and never made a peep.

So today (Sunday), we played it low key.  Got the kiddie pool out in the afternoon and cleaned out the car in an effort to regain some normalcy to our lives.  This week will involve lots of planning for the Bible School next week, and I’m just hoping to survive.  It was a “no pants, leftover pizza” kind of Sunday for the kids.  And I think parents are all entitled to at least a few of these every year.



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    1. Well, thank you but I can’t take the credit really. We had so much amazing help. Cheri especially, but everyone from the church really made this take off. And Erica has done way more of the planning and preparations than me.


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