I Want to Tell Mommy Something

Dinnertime can be somewhat chaotic with a two and four year old who are both learning to fully express themselves and explore their surroundings.  It’s like as soon as you get something out and set it on the counter it’s gone and has become a toy they’re playing with on the floor, or they are giving it to the dog.  So I had to kick both kids out of the kitchen to let Erica actually get something done.

Of course, only a few seconds later Ella’s marching back through the dining room, but I cut her off at the pass and usher her back to Pax who is sitting by the couch.  Her tiny voice protests with arms crossed and her eyes starting to roll, “But I want to tell Mommy something.”

“Tell me instead.” I said flatly.

“No, I want to tell Mommy...” her insistence was starting to annoy.  I’m tired of being second best.

“What do you need to tell her?  You can tell me.  I can help you, too.”

Her faced scrunched up as she thought, “I need to tell Mommy, that… I really love her.”

What’s a dad to do at this point?  I had to let her.

“O.K. go tell her you love her and then come right back to the living room when you’re done.” I said with defeat in my voice.

And as with all things, whatever big sister does Pax wants to do, too. He piped up and said, “I want to tell Mommy I lover her, too”

“O.K. let’s go” I said and I escorted him into the kitchen to supervise this message delivery and to be there the moment they were done to ensure they would return to the no-interference zone.

Ella promptly professed her love to Erica and received hugs and kisses.  Then came Pax’s turn.  He walked up to Erica and wrapped his small chubby arms around her leg before looking up at her and saying, “Mommy, I want some cheese.”

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