3 is the new 30

Pax anticipated his third birthday the same way I approached my thirtieth.

At the dinner table the night before his big day, I looked into his eyes and asked, “Hey! Tomorrow is your birthday, Pax.  Are you excited?” to which he flatly responded, “Yep” and continued to eat his food.

This is in total contrast to his sister who anticipated her birthday for an entire year.

In the months leading up to the three’s, he began a quest to find who he really was as an individual.  He struggled somewhat with building his identity apart from his older sister’s affinity for Mario.  His soul-searching helped him see he was only living in her shadow.  But he wasn’t sure if he was a Tyrone the Mailman kind of guy or a Variety of Sports man.  In the end, he landed on Spiderman.  But it’s a work in progress and I try to remind him that he’s still young.  There are lots of seven-year olds who wish they could go back.

In addition to pondering the age-old question, “Who am I?” being on the cusp of major life changes forced him to wrestle with answering “Where am I going?”

Sleeping in a big boy bed is one of the proudest moments so far.  That and being able to put his flip-flops on all by himself.

But, he also struggled with regrets over what he had failed to accomplish in three years.  Now he looked back with clarity and saw he should have been more invested in Potty training.

He also wished he would have spent more time with his sister.  He had taken their relationship for granted.  He vowed to not let another year go by without spending more time with her.  Even if she did put him in a headlock.

And now the unknown lies ahead.  What direction would he take with his new one on one time with mommy, now that his sister would be attending Kindergarten five days a week?

All of this internal turmoil must have been going on inside him which is why he fell asleep on the way to his party.

Thankfully as soon as he saw the decorations and started shredding the spidey paper he forgot about all of the questions that had been weighing him down and just lived in the moment!

You’ve got the rest of your life to figure it out, Buddy!  Glad you had a good birthday.


8 Replies to “3 is the new 30”

  1. In 30 years, I’ve been able to accomplish potty training. I think I’m doing ok…

    And your comment above:
    “Surprisingly he’s dealing with it well. He is only slightly whinier…:)”

    I wonder if my wife would say the same about me as I hit 30? ;-P


  2. I was the oldest in my family so my younger siblings were the recipients of the headlocks at our house. Love the photographs, especially the tatoo photo.


  3. I loved this post! You made me laugh a lot while I was reading it! It’s amazing how as adults we don’t often think about how complicated the world seems to a child. In our eyes things look simple but in theirs the problems they face daily seem like Mount Everest (making it all the better when they get to the Summit)

    When my son turn’s 4 in January I might have to do one comparing him to when i turned 40…lol…great job on this post…truly inspiring as life seen through a child’s eyes!



    1. Hey nice to know your name! I read your blog too but didn’t know your name was Aaron.

      Yeah. Do the post at 4 and 40 I’d love to read it! And I’m glad it made you laugh.

      Don’t be a stranger round here!


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