Shows Over

He was dancing with reckless abondon only moments earlier, before his awareness of the eyes on him. His arms recoiled to his chest and he lowered his chin in an attempt to make himself dissapear and then he froze, like prey avoiding detection by a predator.


My wild and outgoing two year old was gone. In his place stood a still funny yet more self-conscious toddler who is less prone to act out when surrounded by an audience. Well, he still acts out. But if it’s to show off, it will stop as soon as he realizes heads have turned. He no longer performs on command when company comes over, one of the small joys that kids provide their parents that I will miss.

But I’m thankful that this new social awareness hasn’t changed him completely. He’s still all boy at home and among friends, full of silly dance moves and craziness.


What’s he like now that he’s three? He loves to play catch though he only sporadically actually stops the ball between his hands. He’ll play it endlessly and laughs everytime the ball accidentally bops him on the head. (I swear it’s always on accident. wink wink) How is catch different now? I remember when I used to roll the ball to him as a baby and say “Bing!” every time it stopped by him. That was enough to get one of his signature baby belly laughs out of him which were so contageous and made us all erupt into laughter and tears! It’s weird to reminisce about how things used to be with a three year old. That’s still so young, but so much has changed.

Some things that he does remind me he’s still just a baby. Take his fake cry for example. It drives me nuts! I call him out on it all the time, too. As soon as we pulled into the driveway his fake cry started up about something.  As I was undoing his buckle I told him straightfaced “Stop fake crying, Pax” and he just smirked at me like, “Aw man. Busted!”

And recent attempts at letting him eat in a regular chair at the table have failed. He still needs to be in lock down to keep him from getting up and roaming the house when he hasn’t finished his lunch. Here he is after being relocated to more appropriate accomodations at the table. Not too happy. Obviously, a tension between the little boy he is and the free man he wants to be.

20120903-151406.jpg 20120903-151454.jpg

I also love the way he plays hide and seek. He giggles out of control when I ask where he is. He always gives himself away, the excitement is too much!  And he hides in plain sight, thinking there’s no way I’ll be able to find him! 20120903-151345.jpg

One of the most obvious changes has been how much he talks.  Now that Ella has started kindergarten Pax is finding his voice.  Erica has noticed this more than me since she spends all day with him, but in the evenings I’ve also noticed it getting increasingly hard to get a word in edgewise.  He has so much to say he might even start a blog.


So in some ways the show is over.  He no longer acts as silly in public or dances on command (which is probably a good thing).  But Pax is also becoming a young boy full of fun and life and really opening up and talking more and in that way, the show has really just begun!


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  1. Hey man, great post! I love the picture of your boy reading Handyman, pretty soon he’ll helping you!

    My boy just turned three, he doesn’t sing and dance in public anymore, but he does do stunts: running, jumping, Parkouring, Ninja moves. I encourage him, especially at the playground, it’s a lot of fun!

    Thanks for posting,
    Mark L.


    1. That’s awesome that your son does Parkour! I would definitely encourage that! As far as the handyman magazine, let’s hope he turns out to be a little handier than me that’s all I have to say.


  2. Great post!

    L turned three last month – what a difference a year makes. We love that we can have (mostly) intelligent conversations with her. She also gets self-conscious like your son. When she’s doing something and realizes she has an audience she’ll stop and get this timid look on her face.

    Meal times can be a struggle with us too sometimes. She doesn’t want to eat because she wants to play but then she transforms into a screaming monster if she gets too hungry.

    Her latest accomplishment is pooping in the potty. It took her a while but she’s been doing it well for the past couple of weeks. She needed a bit of encouragement (bribery) in the form of small prizes but it worked and now she’s so proud of herself every time she poops!


    1. Yes a year changes a lot! Thankfully Pax eats anything (and loves broccoli) but he’s not trained on the potty yet. I’m not too worried though. He’ll figure it out when he’s ready. And if this new social awareness has anything to do with it, it may happen sooner than later.


  3. Love the hide and seek description. Lukas and I played that all the time and I would get such a kick out of silliness it brought on. Great post. Great that you are enjoying this age, and bonus…it keeps getting better.


    1. I’ve been able to experience the bonus stage too with my daughter. They’re so different though so I really look forward to see what he’s like at five.

      The hide and seek is SO hilarious. I love it!


  4. Little boys are so funny. My son, Xander, does the same thing he has a fake cry that he feels somehow is going to win me over. It never does and every time I look at him and say, “You know that’s fake, right?” He It’s at that point stops and we shift directions hoping he will find something new to gain my attention and become a better manipulator.

    He plays hide-and-seek like your son Pax does! He will be right in plain sight and just sure I can’t see him (and of course I can’t i am not very good at that game) He occasionally will even add words to it, “I not here! you can’t see me! I hiding!” I try to play the games while I still can I know how quickly he will grow up and not me anymore….

    In an unrelated note i have the same magazine your son was reading the Handyman Issue on Garage Storage….I recognized it because i read that issue from cover to cover (okay I read most of those issues from cover to cover)



    1. Even though the fake cry gets old and irritating, sometimes that moment when we “shift directions” as you put it I find to be absolutely hilarious! One second it’s tears and screams and wild face contortions, then he’s busted and shifts immediately to be straight faced and calm. Cracks me up

      I like how your son tries to use hypnosis/The Force on you during hide and seek. Mine goes into radio silence with the occasional giggle or giveaway.

      Handyman is a great magazine. It’s makes me realize how un-handy I am.


  5. I agree with you it is hilarious when they shift directions! The nice thing about Handyman though is it does give some great tips on projects even if I can’t do them all. I like to try upon occasion and see how far I can get. I am currently working on building a shelving unit for Xan’s room that I got the design from the magazine.

    I really enjoy your blog and wanted you to know that I nominate you for the Versatile Bloggers Award



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