Five photos: San Diego

I’m easing back into this blogging thing with a relatively simple photo post. It’s been a hectic crazy disgusting past two weeks at work and I’ve completely abandoned all other responsibilities in the meantime.

We recently went on a family vacation where I took hundreds of pictures. I’ve narrowed it down to five favorites to sum up our trip.


We walked a lot. Being by the ocean was great and the first day we strolled down the boardwalk to Belmont Park. I thought it was much closer than it was, and almost two miles later we found ourselves jogging back to the hotel in the dark each with a completely jet lagged, exhausted, whiny kid on our back. I will never forget that jog. My body still hurts.


We spent part of almost every day at the beach, but the one big thing we wanted to do was Disneyland for a day. I asked “who wants to go to Disneyland?!?!” And this was the response I got. I should tell you that every day when we went somewhere like the zoo or theme park, all Pax wanted to do was go back to “the apartment” and watch TV.


It wasn’t all work and no play. Once we got to Disney, they forgot about TV and really had a blast. She even got the autograph of one of her idols.


So we’re in San Diego! What are we going to do? Spend time at the beach! It took all the way until the last day for this little guy to get adventuresome and test the waters. Once he did? He loved it. I wish he would just listen sometimes when we tell him it’s fun.


And what’s a family vacation without a little souvenir shopping? The kids got some trinkets to always remember this by.

We had a great time and made lots of memories! I was sad it was over and time to come home, especially since it made me a week behind at work. Now I’m ready for another vacation from getting caught up.

To see the photos that didn’t make the blog (and there are some good ones, like Pax and Ella lifting weights as well as an awkward photo with Mickey Mouse) follow me on Instagram

Also, a special thank you to BloggerFather for the format idea for this post!