Buy More Chocolate

I have become what I used to despise.

I know that there has been a lot of financial uncertainty over the past few months, especially where I work. Conversations about sequestration and furlough all just boil down to us getting forced to take days without pay that we can’t afford. This comes after our pay has been frozen for two years. So while costs for everything continued to skyrocket our pay just stayed the same.

I also know there was an article today about a soldier who needs our help. A tragic story about a young man and his family who was sent to war and now faces a second war at home. I am not unlike you. I was moved. I want to share their story with as many people as I can, and so I know there are these kinds of worthwhile investments for whatever disposable income may be left at the end of the pay period.

And even though an email came out just five minutes ago with a link to deeply discounted prices at Malley’s chocolates for our department, I’m choosing today to be the day I post this in my cubicle.


Yes. I am a fundraising parent.

I’m not intimidated by the fact that the person delivering girl scout cookies to our floor needed a body-guard to maintain order.

I’m not concerned that the link in your inbox gives you discounts on the very thing that I’m selling.

My markup is just. My daughter’s future is at stake. If we don’t act now and overindulge on chocolates bought at exorbitant prices then the education of all our children will be considered a failure. The future of my daughter depends on it. All of our children’s future depends on it. Nay, the future of AMERICA depends on it!

Are you going to be responsible for the denigration of our great country?

That’s what I thought. Here’s the order form. No pressure.

(You can also share this video to help our wounded soldier)