Missed Chances

Just a phone call, that’s all I had to do.  Turn my head from my computer screen, pick up the receiver, dial the number I know by heart, and say, “I hope you do well today!”  Would that have been so hard?

Instead, my wife calls me after the fact and tells me how the morning went.  Seconds after I left for work Ella woke up, the anticipation of the day being the only alarm she needed.  She asked for curls in her hair and couldn’t wait for her big moment.  Today was her school concert, and my little kindergartener was going to be a star in her role as Muffin #2.

Erica tells me she sang with all her heart, made sure to smile at the end of every song, and stood in her place even while other kids were kind of goofing off on stage.

Man, I feel like a failure of a father.  I barely see my kids because of the hours at work and I couldn’t even pick up the phone to wish her luck.  I wasn’t even thinking about her concert being this morning, there’s a second showing tonight that I’m planning on going to.

Just a phone call?

It would have meant the world to her…