Easy Love

We went to opening day at the county fair last night.

I asked myself, “Why is it so satisfying to watch your kids have fun?” I don’t get it?

  • When they smile, I smile.
  • Watching them enjoy a ride, makes me enjoy the ride. Even though I’m not on it.
  • When they don’t finish all of their fair food, I finish it for them.

Ok, that last one I get. I thoroughly enjoyed eating myself into a food coma.


But why does my heart swell with joy when my son smiles at me from his seat on the Happy Swing?


I’m not living vicariously through them. I don’t really get excited thinking about sitting on a horse on a rotating platform.  Here’s why it’s so awesome.

It’s enough just to know they’re happy.

This must be love, knowing that someone else’s needs or wants are being met ahead of your own.

It’s not always easy. Sometimes, it takes everything in you to love like this. Lately, it’s been a struggle to show love to my toddler who is testing me, or to my daughter who is showing glimpses of fierce independence.


So, I’m very grateful for nights like last night. Nights when it’s the easy way to love.


When unlimited rides at the fair feel like a wristband for unconditional love. (And you know how impossible those wristbands are to take off without scissors.)



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