Give Me Your Best Shot

He stands tall, showing off the muscular chest and abs sculpted into the fabric of his new Batman backpack. He wears it with the muscles in front, so you can get the full effect of his power. Pax is as proud of his plastic muscles as he is about the fact that he’s going to school for the very first time. Preschool isn’t daunting to him like it was to his older sister. Ella is naturally nervous and reserved. She’s more of a loner and a follower. Pax is ready to swoop in, the superhero, and make his presence known. (Yeah, I’m gunna have to warn the teacher about this kid.) But, I’m glad he’s facing this new chapter in his life with such gusto. At just over three feet tall, he stands ready to take on the world. He puffs his chest out extra far.


“Ella, hit me!” His fist beats the foam pecs for emphasis.

You can tell by the look on her face that she doesn’t want to hit him. It makes her uncomfortable to be so violent. She lets the offer pass.

“Ella! Hit me!” he goads her on. His smile is beaming at the confidence of his indestructibility. “Hit me!” he laughs.

She looks twice and probably scans the room to see if she’s going to get in trouble for doing what she is regrettably being asked to do. Then, with determination she lifts her hand, and smacks him.

In the face.

Yeah, I’d say he’s ready for preschool now.

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