About the Author


My name is Lee.

I’m a technical writer and training instructor looking for an escape from the endless manuals to write about what I love, my family. My wife, Erica, is my anchor. We have what some call the “million dollar family” since we have one girl and one boy. Ella is the oldest, Pax is her younger brother.

We live in Northeast Ohio, where it is always winter, or at least it feels like it. To me, summers represent the best in life. And if there is one thing my climate has taught me, it is to hold onto the sunshine that is fleeting.

So, I stay up late most nights and write about my kids, and how I see so much of my father in me, and sometimes, if I’m lucky, I get a glimpse of myself in them. I try to capture the emotion of being a dad. I want to remember forever the warmth they bring me. I also acknowledge the difficulties of fathering when I have doubts about my own foundations. Our past always come back to haunt us, doesn’t it seem?

I hope you can relate and see some part of yourself in me. And if you’re lucky, maybe discover a little of the child in you too.

Read what’s hanging on the fridge or pick one of my recent posts in the sidebar. Enjoy, friends, and thanks for reading.

Contact me here, or leave a comment on any of my posts. I’d love to get to know you a little better as well.

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One man's nostalgic look at being a dad