Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

When I was a young kid, I thought about how I would do
things differently when I was a father. I know what you’re thinking., “What kind of a tribute is this?” But just hear me out. This list of diferences would include never having to eat anything I didn’t like, the abolishment of curfews, the ability to participate or not participate in any sport or musical instrument. I’m sure there were even times when I was learning to play the trumpet that even you questioned your steadfastness of practicing half an hour every day. But now that I am older, and on the brink of becoming a father myself, I see all of the ways that I do want to be like you!
I want to be fun like you. I remember canoe trips, bike rides, scavenger hunts and home movies (even though Seth and I were the two princesses and you got to be the monster.)
I want to be loving like you. Thank you for the treehouse you built for us as a surprise, and all the times you would spend playing with us.
I want to be hard working like you. Not just “on the job” but at home too. Some of the times I enjoyed the most were times when you would include me in on whatever project you were working on, like building the addition or even scraping wallpaper.
I want to be godly like you. Many times I would “catch” you reading your Bible at your desk in your study.
Now, no one is perfect, but a crisis does not create your character, it simply reveals it. I am thankful for everyone who helped my dad through the divorce, but I am more thankful to my dad. You don’t know it, and perhaps I don’t fully understand it either, but somehow, when you and mom were going through the divorce, everything I believed in was up in the air. YOUR FAITH, HELPED MY FAITH. How you handled it, helped me handle it. And together we have hope, but no matter what happens I want you to know that I admire you, I respect you, and I love you. You are to me — the world’s greatest dad…

Happy Father’s Day!